4 light-colored maternity outfits

A light-colored outfit that creates a mature and relaxed look.

Easy to wear even during pregnancy without bulking up

We'll introduce you to some items that will allow you to enjoy light-colored outfits!


1.Square dress with ribbon sleeves

The gathered ribbon on the sleeves is eye-catching.

A dress that makes you look stylish on its own.

Tie the back ribbon to prevent tightness even during pregnancy

It can be worn for a clean look.

I used a brown bag as an accent.

The items worn are here:

2. Summer knit dress and petticoat set

A beautiful I-line knit dress that fits perfectly to your body line.

The material with a drape will pick up your body lines just right.

An easy to wear yet stylish item.

This is a very convenient dress set that comes with a petticoat with cups!

The items worn are here:

3.Cardigan set camisole dress

A short cardigan gives a balanced look

A set item that comes with a camisole dress.

The beautiful vertical lines of the camisole dress create a balanced look that enhances your style.

Of course, it doesn't constrict so it's comfortable to wear.

I'm happy that the set includes a cardigan that is useful for protecting against air conditioning and sunburn.

The items worn are here:

4. Volume sleeve I-line dress

A well-balanced dress with voluminous sleeves and a slim body.

The straight silhouette looks sophisticated,

This one piece will complete your elegant going-out style.

It combines elegance and formality,

Prayers for safe birth, shrine visits, family events, etc.

It can be used in a wide range of situations, such as work wear and children's events.

The items worn are here:


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