Many new products available now! 3 NEW ITEM summer outfits

[Many new products that can be used now! 3 NEW ITEM Summer Coordination Selection]

Summer is in full swing, but there are many activities such as prenatal checkups and prayers for safe delivery.
I also have a glimpse of my plans for going out...
In times like these, what if there were maternity items that would keep you cool and comfortable?
We will introduce coordination for each occasion using new items that can be used until autumn 🎵


Dress coordination that can be used until autumn

8/8 (Tue) 8/20 (Sun) is Dog Day!
One piece recommended for praying for a safe delivery𓍯

A one-piece dress with lining is convenient 🎵
It doesn't tighten and doesn't wrinkle easily, so you can look beautiful all day long.
It also has a nursing port, so it will be useful for visiting shrines after giving birth!

(short story)
Famous shrines may be crowded on Dog Day, so
I think it's a good idea to put the pregnant woman's health first and choose another day!
I went one day off from Dog Day🎵
It was empty and went smoothly❀´-

Here are the items I used▼
dress: maternity dress


Blouse coordination that can be used until autumn

Prenatal checkups are important events!
An item that is comfortable to wear and easy to move in.
I want to go and relax𓂃꙳

The sheer material is cool, smooth to the touch, and doesn't stick to your skin.
The perfect blouse for summer has arrived!
Easy to dry and easy to clean.
It goes perfectly with the popular maternity denim◎

Here are the items I used▼
blouse: sheer blouse
pants: maternity pants


Skirt coordination that can be used until autumn

Today I went to the beauty salon.
Should I cut my hair short for childbirth, or should I maintain the status quo?
Is it more convenient to tie a long one? I'm worried!

Lace top with trendy cape sleeves.
Comfortable to wear thanks to the elasticity unique to cut and sewn products.

Simple skirts are hard to come by for maternity wear.
This is how this skirt was born! You can freely set your waist size!
The smooth satin material will elevate your outfit 🎵
It can be used in all seasons, so it is cost-effective as well.
When it gets cold, I recommend pairing it with a knit because it's so cute~

Here are the items I used▼
blouse: cape blouse
skirt: maternity skirt

How was it?
now! We have a lot of items you can use 🎵
I'm happy that it can be used for a long time until autumn ◎

By the way, the cardigan that appeared will be on sale around September!
We will inform you about the start of sales in Stories.
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