Restocked too! Popular item ranking coordination collection

That dress that is missing in size is also back in stock!
We will introduce items in order of popularity♩

Maternity cash-coeur sleeve ribbon blouse

♛ NO.1 ♛

cachecoeur sleeve ribbon blouse

The most popular blouse is made of soft sheer material and has a great atmosphere!

☑︎Long length but a well-defined silhouette ☑︎Easy to use even after giving birth ☑︎Comes with a perfect lining to prevent see-through

Of course, it is also functional with pregnant women in mind.

Trendy sheer material and delicate pleats,
Colors that look exquisitely fashionable

The popular point is that you can definitely use it if you have one♬

Here are the items I used▼
blouse: maternity blouse
denim: maternity denim short

No.2 maternity denim


Ideal color and shape! maternity denim

Long-selling maternity denim ranks second!

Not too thin or too thick, the straight line silhouette is easy to use!
An exquisite color that will brighten up any top.

The stomach area has high stretchability,
It can be adjusted with rubber and can be worn even after giving birth.

✲Ankle length...Cute when paired with sandals or high-cut sneakers◎
In the fall and winter, you can also pair it with short boots.
The short length makes it recommended for people of short stature!

✲Long length...very cute when rolled up and worn loosely◎
It's long so it's also recommended for tall people!

Amazingly, from this restock
XL size is now available! ! !

“Even though it’s only 8 months old, my stomach is already this big.”
``They're twins, so I wonder how much their stomachs will protrude?'' ? ”

I would be happy if such people could give it a try~ 𓂃꙳

Here are the items I used▼
blouse: maternity 2way blouse
denim: maternity denim long

No.3 Maternity Belly Pajama Set


Rib Mellow Haramaki Pajama Set

These extremely popular pajamas are already fully booked after all colors are sold out♬

What a working mother designer wanted during her pregnancy
These are the ideal pajamas! !
Recommended when it's hot but you don't want to cool your stomach ♪
Made of smooth and light cotton material, you'll want to wear it all day long 𓂃꙳

Maternity pajamas with shorts that are surprisingly hard to find. here it is!

Here are the items I used▼
roomwear: 2pieces set

No.4 Border polo knit dress


Border polo knit dress

We have received many requests for resale on tiktok and reel, and now we have restocked M size! !

Knit material with a perfect fit that won't stick or separate.
The good thing about French sleeves is that they also cover your upper arms ♩

I also love that it doesn't wrinkle easily and you can easily coordinate your outfit with just one piece.

It's not constricting so you can wear it comfortably.

Here are the items I used▼
dress: maternity knit dress

No.5 Power Sholl I-line dress


Power shawl I-line dress

This is also a popular item with many inquiries on tiktok and reel ♩

With a straight straight silhouette,
It will keep your changing body shape during pregnancy looking beautiful.

A very comfortable dress with a soft and gentle lining, nursing opening, and pockets ᝰ✍︎

This beautiful dress is a popular item for praying for safe childbirth and visiting shrines.

Here are the items I used▼
dress: maternity dress

How was it?
This time we will introduce 5 popular items♪
If you are confused about maternity clothes, please refer to this!