Maternity coordination for a week with popular items

[Maternity coordination for one week with popular items]

This time it’s now! We will introduce coordination for one week using popular items 🎵
I would be happy if you could use it as a reference for tomorrow's outfit!

Maternity coordination day1


・Easy to wear with just one dress with attractive clean lines🎵
・Wrinkle-resistant, so you can look beautiful all day long◎
・Recommended for morning sickness as it does not tighten

Here are the items I used▼
dress: maternity dress

maternity coordination day2


・The gentle atmosphere and cuteness make a good impression 🎵
・Coordination that can be used as is even after giving birth and is cost effective◎

Here are the items I used▼
blouse: maternity blouse
skirt: satin skirt

maternity coordination day3


・A casual outfit that looks great even with a big stomach ・Cut lace and cape sleeves keep you cool◎
・Recommended for walking or short trips with sneakers

Here are the items I used▼
blouse: cape blouse
pants:maternity denim long

maternity coordination day4


・A monochrome outfit with a feminine touch due to the ribbon on the shoulders and the volume of the top.
・A summery look with a basket bag and sandals◎
・It's a non-see-through dress so you don't have to worry about petticoats and it's easy to wear as it doesn't constrict you 🎵

Here are the items I used▼
dress: maternity dress
blouse: 2way race blouse

maternity coordination day5


・The main outfit is a ribbon blouse with a light sheer feel.
・Recommended for pregnant women's checkups with a top and bottom outfit.
・The blouse can be used as a protection against sunburn and air conditioning, and the best part is that you can use it until fall!

Here are the items I used▼
blouse:ribbon blouse
pants:denim long

maternity coordination day6


・One-tone coordination with a soft atmosphere ・All accessories are unified in beige to complete a light-colored coordination 🎵
・Beautiful and recommended for work◎

Here are the items I used▼
blouse: 2way race blouse
pants: tapered pants

maternity coordination day7


・Today I will relax at home all day.
- Relax in one piece that you can even go to the convenience store with.
- Comes with a pocket that can hold gauze and a smartphone - Opens in the front, perfect for breastfeeding!

Here are the items I used▼
dress: maternity dress

All items can be used immediately 🎵
Be sure to check it out before it's sold out!