Special feature on warm and relaxing room wear

Maternity room wear special feature

I want to relax and spend time at home.

At times like these, what you want is your favorite room wear that will make you feel soothed just by wearing it.

If you start to feel uncomfortable with your loungewear due to your body shape changing,

Maternity loungewear made to help you stay comfortable during pregnancy and raising children.

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Introducing honono's original room wear that is very popular on Reel and Tiktok!

1. Fluffy pajama set

Fluffy maternity pajama set

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A pajama set that gently wraps up pre- and post-natal mothers who want to stay warm on winter nights!

Made of soft and carefully selected materials that you'll want to touch all the time.
Taking advantage of my hospital experience, the top can be fully opened with snap buttons and has convenient pockets.

Pants have Haramaki! Cover your stomach completely and feel safe and warm.
The waist can be adjusted, so you can use it as is even after giving birth.

Colors include soft gray, smoky pink, charcoal, and navy, all colors you'll want to match♩

2. Room tops with cups that stay in place

Maternity room tops that keep the cups in place

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Room tops with cups that don't come off when washed.
No need to worry about reattaching the cup every time you wash your clothes, making it convenient for busy moms.
A top with a cup that makes it easy to get to that point, making it a convenient item that eliminates the hassle of layering.
The length gently hugs your pregnant belly, and the fit-and-flare silhouette covers your body shape.

You can enjoy it as stylish relaxing wear by pairing it with pants made of the same material.

3. Flare pants with haramaki

Maternity flare pants with flare

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These pants are made with brushed rib material and flare lines that lengthen your legs, giving you a mature look just by putting them on.

With a clean cut around the knees, it is comfortable to wear but looks smart.

Comes with the popular haramaki that gently covers your stomach.

You can adjust the waist size to your preference with the adjustable elastic, so you can use it for a long time even after giving birth.

4. Lightweight fleece-lined parka dress

Lightweight brushed lining maternity hoodie dress

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A half-zip hoodie dress is a great thing to have! !

A very convenient item that can be used at home or outdoors, and can complete your outfit with just one piece.

The zipper can be opened quickly and is useful during the breastfeeding period after giving birth.


The brushed lining provides a soft and gentle feel. Since it is lightweight, it is also recommended for pregnant women's checkups.

It comes with a convenient pocket for storing your smartphone and keys.


The waist is high and below the chest, creating a flattering silhouette without constricting your stomach.

You can tighten it freely with the drawstring, so you can tighten it to improve your style after giving birth.


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Room wear is the first thing you need to have during pregnancy.

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