4 maternity outing outfits

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Maternity outing coordination
I would like to introduce you♬
I would be happy if you could use it as a reference for your shopping.

style.1 Coordination for a walk to the park

It's warm and a perfect day for a walk ♬
You can stay comfortable even during sweaty afternoons.
Select a double gauze dress.

Keep your feet safe with sneakers◎
Don't forget to wear sunscreen ♬

dress: double gauze dress

style.2 Today I went to a prenatal checkup after work.

Wear clothes that have upper and lower parts separated for convenient medical examinations.
Beautiful pants are easy to wear in the office◎
The beige color blends well with your skin and is great for mixing and matching!

tops: feather blouse
pants: maternity pants

style.3 Announce your pregnancy while having lunch with friends!

To the friends I didn't get to meet often,
I can finally report!
Let’s have a delicious lunch~𓍯

This dress won't tighten even if you eat a lot.
It has a nursing port so you can wear it even after giving birth!
I'll tell my friends about this.

dress: pleated dress

style.4 There is also a dress like this to pray for a safe delivery◎

It seems like the number of casual people is increasing...?
Coordination for prayers for safe delivery.

A knit dress that is easy to move in.
Adding some accessories made it look stylish!
You can also wear a jacket◎

dress: knit dress

There were many votes in the Instagram survey,
[Maternity outing coordination]
I tried to introduce it♬
I would be happy if you could use it as a reference for your shopping.
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