In maternity clothes! Monotone coordination collection

A stylish monochrome outfit with simple combinations.
I came up with a monochrome style that even pregnant women can easily enjoy and mix and match, so I'm going to share it with you all ᝰ✍︎


Maternity monotone coordination 1

Maternity monotone coordination 1-2

A popular blouse that has been decided to be restocked in black ✖️ in black.
We recommend pairing it with summer accessories as it won't be too heavy even if it's black!
Both blouses and pants can be used even after giving birth◎
Cache-coeur type blouses are really convenient for breastfeeding, so you can't do without them~

Here are the items I used▼
blouse: feather blouse black / ivory
pants: maternity pants

Maternity monotone coordination 2

Trendy cami dress.
There are many kinds, but they are all difficult to use during the breastfeeding period...
I wanted something that could be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so I made this! !
The cachecoeur allows you to breastfeed quickly, and the ribbon on the shoulder is a subtle touch.

An excellent dress that is not see-through🎵

Here are the items I used▼
dress: ribbon cami dress


Maternity monotone coordination 3

This is also a restocked item!
Last time, I wore this one-piece dress that matched it neatly.
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This time I tried to keep it sporty!
Although the polo color is refreshing,
The silhouette fits just right, so it's feminine~◎

Here are the items I used▼
dress: knit dress


Maternity monotone coordination 4

The most popular pleated dress🎵
Because the pleats are random and the material has a textured surface,
Although simple, it has a sense of elegance and fashion.
By standardizing the accessories in beige instead of black, it gives a sophisticated impression.

Here are the items I used▼
dress: pleated dress


Maternity monotone coordination 5

The natural double gauze material makes it look refreshing even though it's a black dress 🎵
The most comfortable dress in one piece.
A mixed outfit that neutralizes the femininity with sneakers.
It looks natural and is my personal favorite outfit!

Here are the items I used▼
dress: double gauze dress

I tried to create a monochrome coordination with maternity clothes and nursing clothes🎵
I would be happy if you could use it as a reference for your shopping 𖦊
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