Chance to get sold out items! Special feature on reserved items

Some popular maternity and nursing clothes that have sold out are now available for pre-order! !
The arrival time is late June, and there are many items that can be used for the coming summer🎵
There is a limit to the number of reservations, so be sure to check it out now!


Now accepting reservations Maternity denim long

This extremely popular maternity denim sold out as soon as it arrived.
We received a lot of inquiries on tiktok and reel 🎵
It's the ideal color and shape that I never wanted before, and it's comfortable to wear.
This is a long length, so even short people can roll it up and wear it!
(↑Photo model height: 154cm)

Ankle length items will be shipped on the same day 🎵
→Please click here

denim:maternity denim long


Now accepting reservations Maternity pleated dress light beige

A feminine pleated dress with an exquisite greige color.
The French sleeves make your upper arms look beautiful and the silhouette doesn't spread out, giving you a clean line even during pregnancy.
It can be used even after giving birth, so you can wear it for a long time, and the great thing about it is that it has pockets and lining!
This is an original honono item that cannot be purchased anywhere else 🎵

dress: pleated dress light beige


Maternity knit dress now accepting reservations

This one piece also received a lot of inquiries.
Knit material with a smooth and dry touch.
It stretches well and fits perfectly to your body, making it extremely comfortable to wear!
This also covers your upper arms beautifully, and the opening at the neckline makes your neck look neat.
It is convenient for traveling as it is not see-through and wrinkle-resistant when worn as a single layer.

dress: border knit dress

Now accepting reservations Maternity/Nursing Feather Blouse Black

A feather blouse made of trendy sheer material with a fluffy feel.
A peplum blouse that gently covers your stomach is perfect for pregnancy.
A convenient cash-coeur type that can be used even after childbirth and during the breastfeeding period.
A blouse with a design that doesn't look like a nursing suit, and is a great piece to wear🎵

blouse: feather blouse black

Now accepting reservations Maternity/Nursing Feather Blouse Off White

Off-white is also popular and is an excellent color that goes well with any bottom.
The material is moderately transparent, so you can wear it coolly even in summer.
Many people purchase it together with denim 🎵

blouse: feather blouse off white

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Reservations are already coming in one after another!
Be sure to check it out before it's sold out~
In other blogs, we also introduce coordination.
I would be happy if you could use this as a reference for your shopping 🎵

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