How to choose maternity pajamas

maternity room wear collection

Honono offers loungewear in a wide variety of colors recommended for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Introducing the characteristics of each type and tips for choosing room wear 🎵

Point 1 ▶︎If you choose it during pregnancy, can you use it after giving birth? Let's check it out~
There are many types of loose-fitting loungewear, but if you're buying one right now, the one with a nursing port is a must!
We recommend getting things that can be used for a long time wisely🎵

maternity room dress

maternity room dress pink


No.1 popular room wear ♛
The flared sleeves and beautiful silhouette will improve your mood before and after giving birth.
Room dress.
The front opening allows you to breastfeed quickly, so you can use it for a long time until after giving birth.
The fabric is not see-through and can be worn alone, but if you are going out for a while, you can pair it with leggings or long pants.

Room dress▼

light beige




Point 2 ▶︎Easy to overlook! Having pockets is definitely convenient!
Napkins, gauze, creams and smartphones, before and after giving birth, there are surprisingly many
There are so many items that I always want to carry with me...
We have summarized the points that an active mother designer felt “I wish it would be like this!”

Short sleeve shorts pajama set gray

short sleeve shorts pajama set pink


Summer in Japan is getting hotter every year!
Short sleeves and shorts are easy to wear at home.
However, during pregnancy, it is strictly forbidden to have a cold stomach. Perfect if it comes with a belly band◎
This one also comes with a “nursing port” and “pocket”🎵

2pieces room wear.▼




charcoal (*in preparation)

Point 3 ▶︎Never give up on stress-free comfort!
This is a time when you want to take care of yourself as much as possible, such as morning sickness or changes in skin quality.
Comfortable room wear will be your greatest ally.

Melting fabric maternity ribbon pajama set


It wraps around your body with its smooth texture.
I like room wear that allows me to stay comfortably in a futon 𓂃꙳
The subtle mellow design and petit ribbon are also great points to lift your mood!

2pieces set.▼ Now accepting reservations for items delivered in late May!



It's almost time for summer pajamas!
I would be happy if you could use it as a reference for your shopping 𖦊
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