Maternity light color coordination special feature

A “light color coordination” combines dull or light colors to create a feminine impression.
This time, even if a pregnant woman wears it, it won't look fuzzy.
We will introduce you to some ``tricks'' to enjoy light-colored coordination in style🎵


Maternity light color coordination 1

A tiered dress style with the gentle touch of double gauze that is perfect for light-colored girls.
Even though it's a tiered dress that spreads easily, the elastic waistband gives it just the right amount of definition, and the key point is that it won't look too big even when you're pregnant!
The trick is to use the accent color of your hat or shoes to create a different shade of color 🎵

dress: Tiered dress

Sale! ▶︎ ¥11,000→ ¥9,400 (tax in)


Maternity light color coordination 2

A dress with a clean I-line silhouette.
This dress has a hem that doesn't spread out, so you can wear it alone without making it look fussy.
It's perfect for the upcoming hot season as you can wear it without layering too much◎
A bag made of summer material will make you feel fresh!

dress: pleated dress

¥7,800 (tax in)


Maternity light color coordination 3

A mix style of different materials that combines a feather blouse and slacks.
By combining different materials, even similar colors will not look blurry and look stylish.
The blouse has a switch at the waist, giving you a naturally defined silhouette even during pregnancy.
The pants are made of a moderately thick material, and I'm glad that the beige color doesn't make you feel see-through.

blouse: feather blouse

¥5,900 (tax in)

pants: maternity pants

¥5,900 (tax in)

How was it?
I love the gentle and feminine light color coordination!
I want to enjoy my favorite style even during pregnancy 🎵
Honono was created with this in mind◎
I would be happy if you could use it as a reference for your shopping.

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