7 ways to mix and match maternity dresses

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⋆⸜ Maternity dress coordination collection ⸝⋆
Let me introduce you 🎵

I never thought I could wear it so many times!



A warm pleated dress that is rapidly gaining in popularity!
It is lined so you can wear it without worrying about petticoats.
It has random pleats, so you can wear it alone and feel stylish without thinking too much about it 🎵
I'm so happy that it covers my upper arms so well ◎

Dress: pleated dress



Add a cardigan to the air conditioner this coming season.
It’s a dress with French sleeves, so it’s easy to put on 🎵

Dress: pleated dress



On a slightly chilly rainy season day, you can also add an inner layer.
The trendy layered style is also available.

Dress: pleated dress



This coordination is also recommended for office casual wear.
Wear an overshirt for a delicate look!
I looked neat just by tying my hair up.

Dress: pleated dress



It seems to be cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. .
It goes well with denim material, so you can also use it as a jacket or a G jacket.

Dress: pleated dress



A layered style is also recommended for light-colored denim pants◎
Roll it up to add a mature look.
Even if there is volume underneath, flat shoes won't make you feel bulky 🎵

Dress: pleated dress
Denim: long denim



Wear sneakers with your hoodie outfit.
Enjoy a sports mix outfit with a ladylike dress 🎵

Dress: pleated dress

Honestly, I never thought I could wear it so many times! ! !
Smart moms choose dresses with a nursing port and pockets that can be used even after giving birth🎵
The secret to its popularity is that you can wear it with infinite combinations and it's cost-effective!

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