Can be used in late summer! Autumn maternity coordination collection

It's September, but it's still hot!
Considering maternity clothes,
I think some of you may be wondering what to wear this season.

Recommended for such times,
Autumn colored items that you can wear right now,
Introducing layered coordination♩


The very popular power shoulder I-line dress.
Contrary to the ease of completing an outfit with just one piece,
This item has a beautiful appearance and is also recommended for praying for a safe delivery.

dress: maternity dress(brown)


An autumnal outfit with a calm atmosphere of black and gray.
The top is made of sheer material, so you can wear it comfortably even when it's still hot☀︎
The smooth glossy satin skirt goes well with knits and is sure to be useful until winter!

blouse: ribbon blouse

skirt: satin skirt


Layered style with ribbon cami dress.
It's very convenient to have one cami dress that can be used all season!
The chewy material is comfortable to wear and does not spread easily, so you can look slim even if your stomach grows.

cami dress: ribbon cami dress

tops: 2way blouse


Beige x black coordination recommended for work.
The combination of peplum tops and tapered pants is
It is recommended because it will give you a neat silhouette even during pregnancy!

tops: 2way blouse

bottom: tapered pants


A top with a trendy cape sleeve design that will add style to your casual denim look.
The material has a stretchy feel, so it's easy to move around in for walks and mom-to-be trips.

tops: cape blouse

bottom: maternity denim long


A combination of brown and khaki that heightens the autumn mood𖦞
The khaki skirt has a mature look and will complete your outfit without being too sweet.
It looks like autumn but feels cool, so it's perfect for this time of year!

tops: cape blouse

bottom: satin skirt


The long sleeve blouse is made of soft material and is stress-free.
I love that it's perfect for walking or going out in the fall!
The sheer material allows you to cover your body shape in style◎

tops: ribbon blouse

bottom: maternity denim long


An ivory blouse is recommended for those who love light colors.
The ribbon on the front will lift your mood.
Pairing it with a brown skirt makes it look like autumn!

tops: ribbon blouse

bottom: satin skirt

How was it?

Lots of items perfect for the transition between seasons!
I would be happy if you could use it as a reference for your shopping 𓂅