2024 Spring

A one-piece series designed to be used from early pregnancy to postpartum.
This season, it is available in 3 sizes: S, M, and L.
You can choose the perfect length for short and tall women.

New In

Twist Design Dress

◆Incorporating a sophisticated twist design
Simple dress◆
The twist design on the front is the highlight.
I-line silhouette that doesn't spread out too much even during pregnancy.
Comes with a waist ribbon, so you can accentuate your high waist even during pregnancy.
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Volume Sleeves Dress

Complete a gorgeous and neat style with this one piece♪ A dress that can be used for a wide range of occasions, from everyday wear to formal occasions.

2 colors

The design and silhouette are carefully designed so that you can enjoy fashion even as your stomach grows.

Very popular honono original padded room wear that stays in place Made of 100% cotton soft cut and sew material A special piece packed with attention to detail based on my experience of pregnancy and childbirth


Feather Blouse

◆A blouse that looks gorgeous with a simple combination◆
With a V-neck that makes your neck look beautiful and a tucked peplum silhouette, it has been carefully designed so that you can wear it in a balanced way even if your stomach grows ♬

2 colors
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Long Sleeve Blouse

sheer ribbon long sleeve blouse
◆ Slightly transparent and supple material ♪ A blouse with a nursing port that can be used for a long time even after giving birth ◆
Under the delicate ribbon, there is a nursing opening that is so subtle that no one will notice!
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"Fashion that you can enjoy just like before pregnancy"

All tops that gently cover your pregnant belly are also suitable for breastfeeding and can be used even after giving birth. The key point is that it's subtle and doesn't look like nursing clothes to anyone.

A body that keeps changing,
Your daily life and perspective will change.

The clothes you wear today can lift your mood.
You can eliminate the inconvenience.

Clothes have such power.
Honono believes.